Safe and Sound

14 Feb

Update: So they keep pulling down the video. Sorry! Here is a live performace instead!

So, I have a couple of reviews coming in this week (new books), but this video should hold you over till then. My husband says I should also review the Hunger Games–all three. I love how he thinks I am drowning in extra time. Everyone is talking about them and the movies are coming out, so they might be on the agenda as well as some of the newer books. I do love the Hunger Games (cough…not as much as Harry Potter…cough) but I can’t resist the revisit . They are seriously a great read. I just love Katniss.

Anyway, Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars released the video for their song Safe and Sound that will be in the Hunger Games Movie I love how haunting it is. It captures the entire feeling I got when reading about District 12 and Katniss leaving everyone behind. I think it is really beautiful.

Any thoughts?

Also: I think the Caterpillar section will now include spoilers AHH! Spoilers! Ok-breathe. I will put SPOILER ALERT! on the section for those who have not read the book being reviewed. I promise. I will do it every time. This section is at the bottom–AFTER THE REVIEW! I would just like to have more in-depth discussion about what happened in the books, the themes, and the characters in this section with those who have read the text. Think of it as a forum where you come back after you have read it and just talk with me–dork out with me. I feel like it could be the “round table discussion area” of each review. Thoughts? Questions? Comments? OK. I’ll add this to the Review Page so people will know. It is nice to see you back again. If you have an “Oldie but Goodie” YA or Children’s book you would like to see reviewed or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to email me. If you hear news on movie developments for our favorite YA or Children’s books, please let me know. If you hear of something coming out you think I should read or write about, let me know! I will give you credit for it.

Just for kicks: The trailer for the movie is linked with the Hunger Games movie link. See you later this week!

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One Response to “Safe and Sound”

  1. Jeyna Grace February 15, 2012 at 4:09 am #

    I love this song…

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