Ode to Atwood and The Handmaid’s Tale

26 Feb

So….I am in the middle of reading reading Anna Carey’s Eve (I will review soon).

Eve, Anna Carey

And last year I read Lauren DeStephano’s Wither. Read it. It was great. Alice would have given it a Love it!  I just got the sequel Fever….I will review it as soon as I read it.

Wither, Lauren DeStephano

I spent all day today thinking and mulling over this one thought: It is crazy how influenced a certain genre of emerging YA lit is by this chilling beauty…..

Handmaid's Tale, Margaret Atwood

Did I miss something growing up? Was I supposed to be reading this under my covers? Was I supposed to be influenced by The Handmaid’s Tale when I was younger? I mean–once I read it I loved it and it creeped me out–but I was 20. I hide Flowers in the Attic and Fear Streets when I was little.  I think the only other book I hid and thought was worth hiding (and it was not–none of them were) was Redeeming Love.  Maybe I missed something. I do love this genre of YA books–but my wheels are turning over this Atwood-esque genre in dystopian YA literature. Why is it emerging? What is the message that is sticking? Why is it finding a home in the 13+ group? I will discuss more when I review both Eve and the new Chemical Garden book.

If you have thoughts on this growing genre–a genre concerned with breeding, fertility, and all things plural wives–PAINT THE ROSES!

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