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The Mad Friday Tea Party

13 Apr

Let’s get to partying!!! It’s been a hard week at school, but I have stumbled across some great articles and youtube parodies! I can’t wait until I have a better grip on my finals so that I can catch up on blog reading!!! Don’t forget to look at my blogroll! It is full of solid gold reading material!

5. The AV Club had an awesome discussion on whether or not dystopian stories need to elaborate on their backstories. Seeing on how frustrated I was with Delirium’s swiss cheese foundation, I found this very interesting. Enjoy all the references to Panem!

4. What could possibly be funnier than the HIPSTER HUNGER GAMES?


3. We have a short list of directors for Catching Fire!!! Alfonso Cuaron for the win!!!! Head over to the LA Times for more information!

2. I loved Maggie Stiefvater’s Scorpio Races , and I was VERY excited to see EW give us a taste of her new book, The Raven Boys! Enjoy the first two chapters here! Thank you EW’s Shelf Life!

1. Remember how I said the HIPSTER HUNGER GAMES were the best? Well…..Beanie Babies for the WIN!!! This is long but VERY WORTH YOUR TIME INVESTMENT!!!!



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